The RetroFuture Engine has very few requests for it's submissions.

First . . .

  • Use one of the following formats: .doc, .odt, .rtf, or .txt.
  • Use standard manuscript format.
  • Use your desired typographical preference; e.g., italics, bold.
  • Stories should be between 750 and 6000 words.
  • We accept both fiction and non-fiction (generally theory and historical pieces).

Second . . .

  • Email your submissions to
  • Put "RFE Submission: {story name}" in title of the email.
  • Include name, email address, and short (two- to three-line) bio in email.
  • Do not include previous publications.
  • Submissions are open all year round. Reading periods are the first two months of each quarter.

Artwork . . .

The RetroFuture Engine will hold a contest for each of its issues for artwork in the magazine. Send your submissions to

Our favorite will grace the cover, receive $25, and get an interview in that issue. Two runners-up will receive   a contributor's copy in print.

Please sent files as .jpg's. 

Payment info . . .

We pay $3.00* via PayPal for each work accepted. That’s it. We are a brand new eBook-only publisher looking to get the name out there and get some quality releases under our belts without making the mistake of so many other small-press publishers and overdoing it in the beginning. We pay everyone once the anthology has been officially released.  If this is acceptable, kindly submit to us.
* Our eBooks will generally sell for $2.99… we offer the $3.00 flat rate, but an author can earn royalties after each 150 eBooks sold as follows:

  • 1-149 eBooks sold = $3.00 flat advance
  • 150-300 eBooks sold = an additional $3.00 per author
  • 301-450 eBooks sold = an additional $3.00 per author
  • 451-600 eBooks sold = You get the idea…

ADDITIONALLY, we will be publishing a PRINT version as well, and for every print book sold it will count towards THREE sales to reach each 150 level