Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Debut Issue

Hello everyone!

I know you're probably anxiously awaiting the debut issue of The RetroFuture Engine. We're still waiting -- that's the short, short version.

I want this to be good and in the wanting, I am being picky about the first stories that get put to print. So far I've only done two rejections. That means if I still have your story, it's still in the running; it just might not be in the first issue (and I'll send you a note on that soon).

We're hoping to do something for Christmas -- i.e., a Winter issue -- that will set us up to have a Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall schedule. That will mean a slight shift in our reading period, and I'll post that as soon as we figure that out.

Please do send us your material. We are still looking for great Retrofuturistic pieces.

Dream on!

J Boone Dryden

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